About the brand: 
Darzan is one of the largest consumer-level tailoring
chains in the city of Hyderabad. They provide tailoring services to both
men and women for all kinds of clothing articles. They have over 5
branches in prime areas of the city and have a very fast operational

What they needed: 
The owner of Darzan wanted to bring the brand to
the digital space by laying out a showcase out on social media, where
most of their target market was active.
How we helped: 
Darzan, which has had a history of establishing itself as
a brand which delivers high quality services with maximum efficiency, had
to be presented in a way that was straight to the point. We shot their
premises to show off their scale, their operational facilities, their
workforce and the range of work they do. Moreover, in our promotional
designs, we made sure to go with a style that funnelled focus into their
operations and services. The USP was the core part of the design and
nothing else. This resonated strongly with their target audience, and got
them a lot of leads in a very short amount of time.
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