Creative, Design and Advertising Studio
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ There are brands out there doing all the right things and we want you to be one of them. A perfect brand that everyone loves, follows and keeps track of.

About Us:
Founded by Dharma Teja, Modern Day Marketing Agency was built around the idea of tearing down ageing, conventional marketing guidelines and painting an entirely new picture on how brands can present themselves and put themselves out there. We do things differently and always for the better. We want to make you and your product offerings to look as appealing as possible.
Our Vision:
We want to change the game. Instead of following in others' footsteps, we want to make our own mark. Be bold innovators who step into the unknown and do things that others were too afraid to do. We want to make our clients actual market leaders and not make them look like they're following cookie-cutter guidelines.