About the brand

Hera is a store for information, consultation and treatment of women’s health and wellness issues. Their goal is to make Women's Health and Wellness more accessible and approachable.
What they needed

One of Hera's primary offerings is retail medication/supplements as a product, which acts as the centerpiece of their business model. Hera approached us to make their products have enough visual appeal since they wanted to strongly compete in the digital space and make a mark for themselves.

How we helped

Hera did an excellent job of branding their product which fits modern sensibilities. Both their outer and inner packaging are simple, unicolor and utilize appealing, minimal fonts. The placement, sizing and spacing are all perfect. To put this on display, we decided to extend the theme further on. During the shoot, we made the decision to avoid contrast in the background. While it does make the product stand out, it would go against the existing packaging style. Thus, to keep in line with the branding ideology, we chose to go with a slight off-shade in the backgrounds compared to the packaging of each of their products. We used three-point lighting to make sure the subject and the background were all well-lit and any less would have prevented the font on board from being visible or allow the background to blend in. We also used a camera with high detail as we wanted to clearly capture the information labelled on this packaging. For such a retail product, it's important to provide as much information to the consumer as possible which increases their favorability towards the product, enabling the purchase. We shot their entire product lineup and gave them a satisfactory output which is performing well not just on their website but has also helped their marketing drive since it keeps up with their social media visual theme.

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