About the brand: 
Orka Café is a high concept, wellness café based in
Hyderabad. They specialise in providing healthy, wellness food that is
catered to sustainable eating with healthy, locally sourced ingredients.

What they needed: 
The owners of the café wanted us to launch their
brand and make a huge mark on the local community to create great
traction from Day 1 and help ensure a smooth flow of business.

How we helped: 
In order to push the idea of wellness and café food as a
single aspect in a market which was not used to wellness food, we had to
create a grand idea and sell it to people. We created the idea of what Orka
represents – A café that cares about the health and wellbeing of the
people. A brand that strives for sustainable eating and we showcased that
we put these core values and principles into practice.
We emphasised on how changes in one’s lifestyle could help improve their
daily lives. This helped us build trust with the community and also close
relationships with many of our customers, regulars and patrons.
The Orka Signature: Since the client request required for us to make a
huge splash since Day 1, the message about the brand was less likely to
reach and touch the people without some visual flair. In order to get
people to listen, we had to turn their heads in our direction. That’s where
our ambitious photography drive came in to play.
Over the course of two weeks, we shot over 400 items, each of which is a
statement to food photography. We built one of the strongest restaurant
food albums in Hyderabad before launch and these gorgeous pictures
were the reason why Orka made a mark right from their opening day.
With gorgeous pictures and a strong and consistent marketing drive, we
managed to get Orka to 5,000 followers in a single year, marking a huge
milestone and benchmark for local cafes.
We took over the entire digital marketing canvas for Orka café. We
undertook their entire branding operations, launched several campaigns
for them regarding-
 Home deliveries
 Festive hampers
 Themed brunches and gatherings
We designed all their collaterals like menus, tabletop cards, standing
banners, hoarding adverts, brochures, investment invites, statements, etc.
Moreover, we helped document key events at Orka and also hold shoots
with their brand ambassador and their premises.
Today, Orka is one of the most successful new cafes in Hyderabad. It has a
wide reach and regular walk-ins. We helped them implement the wellness
concept, something that would have been difficult to do organically and
all our efforts have paid off.
Menu Card Design
© Modern Day Marketing Agency

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