About the brand: 
Quiclo is a laundry service provider based in
Hyderabad. It began in 2019 and has been providing cutting-edge services
to households with an extremely responsive workflow.

What they needed: 
Quiclo wanted to show off the advantages of
outsourcing your laundry. They wanted people to make use of the
efficiency of commercial laundry services and save time and money by
opting for their service.

How we helped: 
In an emerging world with independent lifestyles, the
burden of chores has been ever-increasing. We made sure to address the
growing uneasiness with these workloads and addressed the limitations
and flaws related to personal laundry. People gravitated to these relatable
problems and engaged with Quiclo. For Quiclo, we came up with
innovative social media campaigns to win people over. We helped them
with a top-down branding approach. For their brand, a minimal outlook
was suitable and we helped establish that brand image for them.

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