Fotografia e Produção
Photography and production: Dharma Teja

Model : Navdeep

About the Brand - Navdeep Pallapolu is one of the most renowned actors in the Telugu Film Industry. He has starred in major blockbuster hits like Dhruva, Chandamama, Arya 2, Baadhsah, Ala Vaikunthapurramloo and many others. He also has a prolific career in Television and is an avid Humanitarian who supports many causes and charities. Apart from having a huge following in social media, he is also a savvy entrepreneur and is the man behind C-Space.

What They Needed - Being a celebrity with millions of followers waiting for every next piece of content, Navdeep requires a continuous flurry of content supply. This content makes it to social media, news outlets and fan pages, so there can be no compromises on the quality.

How we Helped - Modern Day Marketing Agency has had a long-standing professional relationship with Navdeep and we teamed up for a 'Stable shoot' with him. Navdeep is well into fitness and takes great care of his personal health and body. Over the years, he has trained hard to achieve the greek-god look and we wanted to utilise it. In order to accentuate his strength and manly features, we organised a rustic 'cowboy style' shoot in a country stable. The boots match the dark horse and the shirtless look paired with staple blue denim jeans bring out the oomph factor. But if we're going all the way, there's no point in holding back, which is where we brought sprinklers into the game. The lighting and the water brought forth the ideal shots we needed and the output was just perfect for any outlet that required it.
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