About the Brand
Sanctuary Bar & Kitchen is what it claims to be - A safe and lovely oasis, i.e. A Sanctuary. It provides one of the most sophisticated spaces in Hyderabad to enjoy a lovely evening with good food and drinks. This place will be your Sanctuary once you set foot inside and experience, first-hand, the perspective of being royalty.

What They Needed - 
A palace needs to stand out. Kings in the olden days invited key officials, nobles, big merchants and artists to spread the tales about the beauty and grandeur of their regal palace to everyone around. These days, we're the artists around the block and there's absolutely no one better to take up the job of spreading the tales of the grandeur of Sanctuary.

How we helped - 
Apart from their excellent service, one of Sanctuary's strongest selling points are its extravagant surroundings. The ambience is better than almost anything you've ever seen while not sticking out like a sore thumb. We needed to showcase Sanctuary's strongest side to the public. There are very few places in the city with a design language as that of Sanctuary's. It has a regal entrance with wooden railings and groove models. The place is lit dimly, but with a generous amount of sources, making the place dazzle like a jewel. Instead, the word 'dazzle' can be saved for their bar which could rival real crowns worn by royalty. They have homely spaces, bespoke furniture and a lot of indoor greenery.
We captured the essence of this masterpiece by holding an extensive photoshoot. The goal was to make each and every picture a representation of one key element as part of their overall design cypher. Each shot was to represent either their finesse, luxury, comfort, royalty and several other attributes. This way, they are able to showcase one aspect after the other, maintaining an element of mystery while also flexing upon their diversity and artistic sense.

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